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Pink Faux Fur

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Różowe sztuczne futerko.

Fason Oversize.

Długość całkowita: 75 cm

Długość rękawa: 62 cm

Szerokość: 100 cm

Obwód w biuście : 92 cm

*Prać chemicznie 

*Nie prasować

*One size

*Wyprodukowano w Polsce

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Tears&Fears is a clothing brand dedicated to young and modern people who want, by an individual style, to express themselves. T&F collection undoubtedly offers supreme glam-rock touch of fashion; it's the ideal combination of style and practicality. Our collections are a mix of mainly rich patterns, psychedelic designs and an excellent quality. Tears&Fears clothes are synonymous with modernity, chic, comfort and at the same time with what is exclusively fashionable yet rebellious. Want to be ahead of the fashion curve? Check out our latest products now.

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